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London, March 12th, 2023

The International Gala “Education for Sustainability” Set a Precedent

The recent celebration of the International Sustainability Education Gala has left its mark on the global community.


The event, which took place on Friday, March 10, 2023, brought together experts, leaders, and passionate advocates for sustainability. It took place at The Caledonian Club and has become a milestone in finding solutions to the environmental challenges we face today.


The International Gala on Education for Sustainability was a space for meetings and dialogues, where professionals from different fields and disciplines, like Dr Anna Sabrina Wollmann, Marlène Harnois, and Tyler Clark, shared their knowledge, experiences, and projects related to sustainability.


The event featured a wide range of activities, including a raffle, an auction, the presentation of the Hirmina Prize finalists and their award ceremony. There was also a Scottish dance presentation, a dinner, exhibitions of innovative projects such as the “Global Education for Sustainability” International Experiential Learning Program, and more.


One of the highlights of the Gala was the notability of the participants of this event, including internationally recognised professionals, academics, scientists, business leaders and representatives of non-governmental organisations, among others. They shared their perspectives and provided valuable ideas on how to address environmental challenges through education.


The event was also an opportunity for networking and collaboration among participants. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the struggle for a more sustainable future, and momentum was generated to promote education as a key tool for change.