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London, March 24th, 2023

The Participants of the International Roundtable “Technologies for Sustainability”

The recent Roundtable “Technologies for Sustainability” on Sustainable Development and Technology brought together leaders and experts in the fields of education, sustainable development and tourism.

The event was a space for exchange and deliberation of the challenges and opportunities that technology presents in the seek for sustainable solutions. We had the support of Green Cross, UK, and the participation of the following leaders:


Juan Dávila y Verdin, the main speaker. He is the founder and CEO of FuturED and a Senior Consultant at TESH Invest S.A., where he is also a member of the board of directors. In addition, he is recognised for his expertise in education and his commitment to developing innovative solutions in this field.


Sarah Chidgey, guest speaker. She is the Head of International Education in the Department of Business and Commerce. She previously held the role of China/Hong Kong and South/Central Asia Lead for the UK education portfolio. Her experience in international education has provided her with a global vision of the challenges and opportunities in this field.


H.E. Natalia Royo De Hagerman, keynote speaker. She is the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. As a diplomatic representative, she plays a fundamental role in strengthening bilateral relations and promoting sustainable development in her country.


The first panel, which addressed Technologies for Sustainable Development, had the participation of:


Dr Dale Mineshima-Lowe, discussion moderator. She is the Director and Editor of the International Affairs Forum of the Center for International Relations. Mineshima-Lowe is a leading international relations expert who provided wise and impartial insight during the discussion.


Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith, debate speaker. She is the Director of One Life Learning. An award-winning leader who is passionate about supporting those who work with children and youth. Her experience and commitment to education have led her to be recognised as one of the 50 most influential people in the field of education.


Lucrecia Vanni, speaker. She is the founder and president of ECOPOLYS. She has extensive academic training in the design and evaluation of investment projects and management applied to public administration. His experience in governance and political and public management has given her a valuable perspective on sustainable development.


Dmitri Aksenov, speaker. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RDI Group, responsible for the AFF and owner of the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair. At the Roundtable, Aksenov was able to contribute with his experience in the field of art and culture, exploring the way that technologies can contribute to sustainable development in these sectors.


César André Vidal Scasso, speaker. CEO and Founder of BIPZY and President of ADEEMA. He was able to share his vision of how technologies can contribute to sustainability in business and how his company is addressing these challenges.


The second panel, which was focused on Technologies for Sustainability applied to Tourism, had the participation of:


Marc Guitart, moderator of the panel. As a member of the University of Westminster Employers’ Advisory Board, he brought his experience in the field of tourism and his perspective on the role of technology in the sustainability of tourism destinations.


Marcela Lizarraga, speaker. She is the Director of Engagement and a business member of the World Travel & Tourism Council. She shared her experience in promoting sustainable practices in the tourism industry and how technologies can play a key role in this process.


Maximiliano Mauvecin, the last speaker. He is the Executive and Institutional Director of GLOCAL FORUM. He contributed with his experience in the management of sustainable tourism and how technologies can contribute to the development of responsible tourist destinations.


The Roundtable on Sustainable Development and Technology was an enriching event that brought together leaders and experts from various fields to explore how technology can lead to sustainable development in key areas such as education and tourism.


Through discussions and the exchange of ideas, the importance of collaboration and the implementation of innovative solutions to address today’s global challenges was highlighted.